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Yo-Yo Ma

“I really love this instrument... we can play music that is traditional, but actually we are using technology to make it better.” Yo Yo Ma, Cellist and Luis and Clark owner

Alexander Mishnaevski

“My Luis and Clark viola is very easy and a pleasure to play in the orchestra, including orchestral solos, producing very rich and powerful sound, complemented by numerous remarks from the audience members.” Alexander Mishnaevski, Principal Viola, Detroit Symphony Orchestra

Carol Proctor

“My Luis & Clark cello, with its truly stunning sound and elegant appearance, presents an invitation for any cellist to take a leap into the future of music-making. I use it for country, classical and jazz—I love it!”

Michael Bacon

“My Luis and Clark carbon fiber cello stays with me every step of the way. From the most intimate recording session to the raucous demands of performing and traveling. I’m a believer.” Michael Bacon, The Bacon Brothers

Niklas Schwarz

“My viola is fun to play and it is as easy to produce a big sound as it is to play soft. Every time I take this instrument out of its case, I instantly get exited and can not wait to start playing!”

Marissa Licata

"It's so rare to find any instrument with as much versatility as this one. It'll blow any electric instrument off the stage with its pure, first-rate, powerhouse sound." Marissa Licata, Rock Violinist, Jethro Tull

Stjepan Hauser and Luka Sulic – Smooth Criminal

Stjepan Hauser and Luka Sulic in an amazing cello arrangement of Michael Jackon‘s “Smooth Criminal”. Playing dueling Carbon-Fiber Cellos from Luis and Clark these artsist put the instruments to the test in a dynamic, passionate display of artistry, technique and interpretation. And don't those cellos look and sound great!

OneRepublic Uses Luis and Clark Cello on Today Show

Upcoming Concerts

The Calhoun Performing Arts Series presents Carbon Fiber Concert with Synchronicity Laura Goldberg, violin, and the Carbon Fiber Chamber Ensemble

Firing Squad

"Luis and Clark Carbon Fiber Violin: $5000, tux: $500, blindfold: $5, music director with a sense of humor, PRICELESS!"

Even dragged through snow, your cello can stay in tune.

A short anecdote about the Luis and Clark cello....

Would your cello look like this if it spent two weeks under water?

That is what happened to the cello of Kaaren Makas, (37 years principal cello, New Orleans Philharmonic, Emeritus principal, Louisianna Philharmonic) when Hurricane Katrina came through New Orleans. Sadly the cello was one of the few things that survived the flood waters in Kaaren’s house. It needed new strings and bridge and soundpost, but is [...]

January 2009

The first all Carbon Fiber Cello and Chamber Orchestra Concert was presented by The Calhoun Performing Arts Series in the Mary Lea Johnson Performing Arts Center at The Calhoun School, New York, on January 2009. Carbon Fiber Cello and Chamber Orchestra Concert, Calhoun Performing Arts Series, NY, January 2009. PHOTOS: Beth Krieger/The Calhoun School

Mihai Marica won the 33rd International Music Competition

Playing a Luis and Clark carbon fiber cello, Rumanian cellist Mihai Marica won the 33rd International Music Competition in Viña del Mar in Chile, regarded as one of the most prestigious music competitions in the world. Marica, a protégée of Aldo Parisot, competed against cellists from a dozen different countries to win this celebrated prize.

That Carbon Fiber Cello

By now we all probably know that Yo Yo Ma did NOT play his carbon fiber cello at the Inauguration and we didn’t hear the real notes he actually did play. But Mr Ma does play a carbon fiber cello and did play one at the Washington Mall for 10 days in 100-degree heat during a Smithsonian Folklife Festival in 2003. He said that in heat like that he could control the strings on his carbon fiber cello in a way not possible on a wooden cello, and joked that the instrument could probably even double as a barbeque.

June 2008

Maine's first "all carbon fiber concert" and it was the culmination of The Maine Festival of American Music: Its Roots and Traditions - held at the historic 1794 Shaker Meeting House, Sabbathday Lake, New Gloucester, Maine.

Selecciones-Readers’s Digest: Innovadores

A veces, un momento de inspiracion concluye en un gran triunfo.

El Universo

Luis Luguia, musico estadounidense Un renovador del violoncello

Luces: El Chelista

Inventor del instrumento de fibra de carbon, especial para solistas, Luis Luguia ofrece hoy un concierto con la Orquesta Sinfonica National

An Afternoon of Music – St. John’s Episcopal Church, Chicago

April 17, 2008

August 2005

"The Nine Cellos," a Luis and Clark Gala Concert in the Berkshires on August 17, 2005. Presented by Stockbridge Summer Music, the concert included selections from the Bachianus Brasilieras by Villa Lobos and the Popper Requiem, performed entirely with Luis and Clark cellos.