Luis and Clark at Cirque Du Soleil


The Luis and Clark Cabon Fiber Cello is a featured performer in the newest Cirque Du Soleil show - Amaluna - with a custom-prepared Cello on stage in this incredible show. You can see a peek of it in this youtube spot about halfway through -

Luis and Clark at Cirque Du Soleil2016-11-04T12:10:58-04:00

George Durham for Samsung


George Durham was recently shot for a Samsung camera promo with his beautiful L&C Cello - gorgeous all around! "When you're filming with the Samsung SMART CAMERA NX30, audio and video merge seamlessly to create a rich and intense experience. It's one professionally-inspired compact system camera that delivers incredible clarity and remarkable depth - every [...]

George Durham for Samsung2016-11-04T12:10:58-04:00

Ed Caner


During the past 20 years, Ed Caner has performed as a sideman and/or soloist for over 30 major acts, including Page and Plant, Luciano Pavarotti, Wayne Newton, Mannheim Steamroller, Smokey Robinson, Natalie Cole, Mel Torme, the Moody Blues, Yes, Trans Siberian Orchestra, the 3 Irish Tenors, Guster, Michael Stanley, The New Barleycorn (Ireland/USA), Leftover Salmon, [...]

Ed Caner2016-11-04T12:10:58-04:00

2 Cellos in their element


Luka Sulic and Stjepan Hauser playing their arrangement of I Will Wait by Mumford & Sons. Their Luis and Clark Cellos really shine in this video - both in sight and sound! And watch for the point about halfway through where they take their instruments swimming - only with the Luis and Clark can you [...]

2 Cellos in their element2015-02-09T13:48:02-05:00

Flora Lee at the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra


One of two Luis & Clark instruments at the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra's Academy Week. Amusing thing to note is that I'm sitting with my 2011 L&C violin next to Concertmaster Jon Carney who is playing a 1687 Stradivarius.

Flora Lee at the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra2015-04-17T09:22:37-04:00

Taylor Davis on her L&C Violin


Game of Thrones Theme - Violin - Taylor Davis >>>> Taylor writes about this video: "I absolutely love the Game of Thrones series and am so excited for Season 3! Hope you like my rendition of the theme, I created the orchestral backtrack and arrangement. Thanks so much for watching and for all your support!" [...]

Taylor Davis on her L&C Violin2015-04-17T09:12:58-04:00