Black Carbon-Fiber Cello
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“I have been stunned by the beauty and the carrying power of the new Luis and Clark cellos. Young people using the new instruments tell me that they find the instruments inspiring to work with. And I recommend them highly, especially as a best buy.” Robert Freeman, director, Eastman School of Music, 1972-96. President, New England Conservatory of Music, 1996-99, Dean, College of Fine Arts, University of Texas at Austin,1999-.

Ergonomic Shape

  • Ergonomically designed for comfort and to prevent common cellist injuries (including “sore shoulder syndrome”)
  • Cornice-less design allows it to be played closer to the body, so the bow arm does not have to be so high at the point of the A string
  • With no sharp edge from the cello neck rubbing against the students’ chest, this cello is more comfortable to play than traditional wooden cellos

Instrument Care

  • Impervious to damage, changes in weather and humidity
  • Very little time and effort to maintain
  • Only one-size bridge is needed throughout the year
  • Exterior gets wiped down with some Windex

Perfect for Beginner Students

Incredibly responsive, the Luis & Clark carbon fiber cello rewards beginning students with wonderful, loud projection right from the start. Very difficult to damage and requiring very little maintenance, this cello is ideally suited for beginner students.

Upgrading to an Intermediate/Advanced Cello

Many students play on subpar instruments, which is detrimental to a young musician’s motivation.

Held in high esteem by professional musicians around the globe and across genres, this is an instrument that will carry you beautifully into a professional career in music without any regular maintenance expenses except for changing the strings.


Excellent for soloists and orchestra/pit musicians, the Luis & Clark cello was designed specifically to stand up against a full orchestra or grand piano, with very powerful resonance and a beautiful tone. The cello can articulate the softest passages but has enough power to fill a hall when needed.

Luis & Clark uses fittings (bridges, pegs, etc) of the highest quality and the instruments are set up to exacting standards by the best luthiers in Massachusetts.

Extremely resistant to damage, climate and humidity, this cello can be played outdoors in the winter snow or in a hot, humid rehearsal hall without fear of it fluctuating or cracking! It’s perfect for outdoor gigs and in situations that may expose instruments to damage (touring, hiking, pit orchestras, schools, bars, etc).

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