Cellist Erik Friedlander is a composer, an improviser, and a veteran of NYC’s Downtown scene. Friedlander started studying music at an early age, beginning at 5 with guitar, and then at 8, cello lessons. He grew up in a house filled with music, as his father, a photographer and an avid music lover, made countless mixtapes. Erik’s desire to actively participate in the swirl of music styles he grew accustomed to hearing led him to find new ways to play the cello.

Erik has been called “one of today’s most ingenious and forward-thinking musical practitioners.” by Steve Graybow, Billoard Magazine. “Rostropovich one second and Rottweiler the next.” Cellist Erik Friedlander, a virtuosic veteran of NYC’s downtown scene, has backed John Zorn, Laurie Anderson and Courtney Love. New York’s Erik Friedlander is a composer and an improviser, a classical musician and a jazzbo. He has recorded 8 CD’s as a leader and has always worked to stake out new ground for the cello in both his compositional choices and his dynamic improvising style.

“I love my Luis & Clark cello. Its silky finish is a joy to touch and the sound is alive and big. The elegant, modern design is embraced by audiences and the durable materials and construction give me a sense of ease while on difficult touring schedules. My musical life has improved since getting the Luis & Clark cello.” – Erik Friedlander.

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