“My Luis and Clark bass is wonderful. It plays easily and I love the sound, reverb and power!”
Jay Grauer, (retired) New Orleans
Philharmonic, Principal bass Richmond Symphony, Principal, Pasadena Symphony, Hollywood Bowl Orchestra and studio musician, recording over 120 movies including Fourth of July, Out of Africa, Mission Impossible, Pretty Woman and CDs with Pavaroti, Streisand, Rod Stewart and Barry Manilow.

The world’s finest carbon fiber Bass

The bass is a ¾ bass and weighs about 19 pounds.
The string length is 41½ inches. It has a swell back and is comprised of a one piece back, sides and neck; the second piece is the top and the third is the fingerboard. It is a “free adaptation” of the bass Luis thinks is the best in the Boston Symphony, an Antonio Roca bass. It is a bit asymmetrical in the upper bout, making it easier to play. It has Rubner nickel tyrolean style tuners.
The bass has a robust sound and can go from zero
degrees into a hot dry room or to a hot humid
country and not lose it’s sound, not crack nor
have it’s neck come loose.

Black Carbon Fiber Bass
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U.S. Patent 6,284,957

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