“Terrific—Wonderful sound, speaks so easily…”

Steven Ansell, Principal Viola, Boston Symphony Orchestra, member of the Muir String Quartet

The world’s finest carbon fiber Viola

Finally, after centuries, there has been an innovation to the design of the viola, which eliminates the need to have the instrument be as long as the violist can handle. The corniceless design of the Luis and Clark viola has brought about an instrument that is light, easy to handle and has an astonishing sound.

The viola has an amazingly beautiful, dark, yet vibrant resonance. It sings out effortlessly and powerfully. Weighing only 1 pound 4 ounces, the viola is much kinder to the body than traditional violas. It is 11/32 of an inch narrower on the A string shoulder, making it easier to play in the upper positions. When our daughter was thirteen and 5’ 2”she found it much easier to play than her ¾ sized wooden counterpart, which weighed twice as much.

The lower registers are rich, the upper register has luxurious warmth and there is an evenness of sound across the strings. The overall tone is one of depth, power, beauty and resonance that has to be heard to be believed. This has the potential to eliminate viola jokes once and for all.

Black Carbon-Fiber Viola
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U.S. Patent 6,284,957

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