We would like to clarify that we have never exchanged money or an instrument for an endorsement and believe strongly that it would be unethical to do so.

“I love this cello…it’s great. It’s fantastic.”

Yo-Yo Ma, Cellist

“I love my Luis & Clark cello. Its silky finish is a joy to touch and the sound is alive and big. The elegant, modern design is embraced by audiences and the durable materials and construction give me a sense of ease while on difficult touring schedules. My musical life has improved since getting the Luis & Clark cello.” Erik Friedlander, composer, improviser, and veteran of NYC’s downtown scene.

“Absolutely astonishing! Wonderful sound throughout all registers.”
Kurt Masur, Honorary Music Director, Orchestre National de France; Lifetime Honorary Guest Conductor, Israel Philharmonic Orchestra; Music Director Emeritus, New York Philharmonic Orchestra; Former Principal Conductor, London Philharmonic Orchestra; Former Conductor, Dresden Philharmonic Orchestra; Former Senior Director, Music Komische Oper of  East Berlin; Former Kapellmeister Gewandhausorchester Leipzig.

“Absolutely incredible! Wonderful tone. Would this revolutionize the music business world?”
Rafael Frühbeck de Burgos, Chief Conductor of the Orchestra Sinfonica Nazionale della RAI, Torino, Italy, and Music Director of the Dresden Philharmonic Orchestra, Dresden, Germany, Conductor Emeritus of the Spanish National Orchestra.

“Amazing. The tone is surprisingly excellent. To equal the sound in a wooden instrument, one would need to add two zeros to the price of the Luis and Clark.”
Edo de Waart, Music Director, Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra; Artistic Director and Chief Conductor, Hong Kong Philharmonic Orchestra; Future Artistic Partner (2010-2011 Season), Saint Paul Chamber Orchestra; Conductor Laureate, Netherlands Radio Philharmonic; Former Chief Conductor and Artistic Advisor, Sydney Symphony; Former Principal Conductor, London Philharmonic Orchestra; Former Music Director, Minnesota Orchestra; Former Music Director, San Franciso Symphony; Former Principal Guest Conductor, San Francisco Symphony; Former Music Director, Rotterdam Philharmonic Orchestra; Former Conductor, Netherlands Wind Ensemble.

“Your viola is fun to play and it is as easy to produce a big sound as it is to play soft. Every time I take this instrument out of its case, I instantly get excited and can not wait to start playing!”
Niklas Schwarz, Principal violist of the Essener Philharmoniker and violist of the Mannheimer Streichquartett

“Terrific—Wonderful sound, speaks so easily…”
Steven Ansell, Principal Viola, Boston Symphony Orchestra, member of the Muir String Quartet

“Amazing tone and marvelous clarity.”
Bernard Haitink, Conductor Chicago Symphony, former Music Director of the Sächsische Staatskapelle Dresden (2002 – 04), the Royal Opera, Covent Garden (1988 – 2002), the Concertgebouw Orchestra (1964 – 88), Glyndebourne Festival Opera (1978 – 88) and the London Philharmonic (1967 – 79) and Conductor Emeritus of the Boston Symphony Orchestra.

“My Luis and Clark has a marvelous sound and plays easily.”
Philip Heyman, Principal Violist of the Welsh National Opera

“A musical instrument has to be judged by the sound and the freedom of expression that can be achieved by the player. This is why I purchased one of these extraordinary instruments.”
Peter Worrall, Principal cellist, Hallé Orchestra, Manchester England, 1975-2004

“I want to congratulate you on your accomplishment. This instrument fills the enormous gap between the very best instruments and the ones just about everyone plays on, and I think everyone should give it a try.”
James Fawcett, principal violist Southwest Florida Symphony, associate principal violist, Philadelphia Orchestra, retired.

“Enormously huge and beautiful.”
David Robertson, Music Director, Saint Louis Symphony Orchestra, principal guest conductor, BBC Symphony Orchestra.

“The Luis and Clark violin is astounding. It has such an excellent sound. Beautiful sound. Truly beautiful, big sound. I like your instrument very much.”
Larry Grika, Emeritus violinist, Philadelphia Orchestra

“Hearing the glorious voice of this viola every day and playing with such comfort and ease has truly changed my life. Thank you, thank you.”
Richard Fleischman, Principal viola, Santa Fe Opera, Guest Principal viola, Hong Kong Philharmonic, San Francisco Symphony, former member, Professor of viola, New World School of the Arts

“The carbon-fiber instruments produced by Luis and Clark are truly wonders of the modern world. They produce, at remarkably low cast, a beautiful and very natural sound, speak clearly and project magnificently.”
Robert Freeman, pianist, musicologist, Dean of the College of Fine Arts at the University of Texas at Austin, former Director of the Eastman School of Music for 1972-1996, President of the New England Conservatory 1996-1999.

“The carbon-fiber cello is absolutely extraordinary, and I’m thrilled with my purchase. It has a really big, rich tone, is comfortable to hold due to smooth edges and lack of corners, and looks good. But best of all, it is REALLY easy to play! I’ve always had a problem with tension in my left arm/hand, which of course has always messed up my tone. This cello is so easy to play that I’ve hauled out difficult pieces I haven’t played for years and am flying all over up in thumb position and sounding good instead of forced – vibrato and tone in general are MUCH better! Even multiple stops are a lot easier.”
Louise Frankenberg, enthusiasic amateur

“I love my Luis and Clark viola and so do my colleagues in the Portland String Quartet. It has a deep power in addition to tonal subtleties that work wonderfully well in chamber music.”
Julia Adams, Portland String Quartet

“The Luis and Clark carbon fiber cello is an amazing instrument. Its tone is robust yet warm: it retains its clarity all dynamic levels, and its projection and thrust are thrilling. A truly remarkable accomplishment!”
Martin Bookspan, Voice of the New York Philharmonic and host and commentator for all the Live from Lincoln Center and Great Performances.

“My Luis and Clark cello continues to sound astonishingly beautiful and perform consistently, regardless of humidity or temperature.”
Kaaren Makas, 37 years principal cello, New Orleans Philharmonic, Emeritus principal, Louisianna Philharmonic.


“Unbelievable! I was blown away. I wouldn’t have believed such a beautiful sound could happen without wood.”
Robert Spano, Music Director, Atlanta Symphony Orchestra

“I have been stunned by the beauty and the carrying power of the new Luis and Clark cellos. Young people using the new instruments tell me that they find the instruments inspiring to work with. And I recommend them highly, especially as a best buy.”
Robert Freeman, Director, Eastman School of Music, 1972-96 President, New England Conservatory of Music, 1996-99 Dean, College of Fine Arts, University of Texas at Austin, 1999

“I listened to the Luis and Clark cello with great interest and was really astonished at not only the powerful and clear sound of the instrument, but particularly by the fine quality of the sound…”
Walter Nothas, Professor Munich Hochschule fur Musik und Theater, Former Principal Cello Munich-Bavaira Symphony Orchestra

“I originaly pursued the Carbon Fiber Cello as a hedge against the rigors of touring with the Bacon Brothers. I knew it would stand up but I never expected it to replace my 75 year old Italian cello. It has. The Luis and Clark cello stays with me from the most intimate to the most loud and racous performance demands. I’m a believer!”
Michael Bacon, Cellist, The Bacon Brothers

“It is a pleasure to recommend the new and exciting concept of cello design innovation of Luis Leguia. Carbon Fiber and design has combined to give these instruments a singing and pure sound which is unique. I wholeheartedly endorse this instrument for professional cellists to advanced students and beyond.”
Leslie Parnas, Cellist

“The Luis and Clark violin is not only a terrific solo violin, but it spent the entire month of June performing chamber music with Stradivaris, Guarneris, Amatis and many other superb traditional instruments. It takes its place completely naturally in the company of great string instruments.”
Paul Rosenthal, Artistic Director, Sitka Summer

“Luis Leguia, the brilliant cellist of the Boston Symphony Orchestra has, in my opinion, created a master cello of unique materials in his Luis and Clark cello. I have heard Mr. Leguia perform on this instrument and have rarely heard such a deep sound on the ‘C’ string, as well as, the evenness and brilliance of the other registers. He has created a new kind of masterpiece.”
Maurice Dubonnet, Associate Conductor to Leopold Stokowski, Houston Symphony Orchestra

“I have known Luis Lequia since we both attended the Prades Festival under Pablo Casals. I know him as a dedicated, sincere, and devoted person for the cello and for music. The carbon fiber cello he has developed is an absolutely credible addition to the practise of cello making and it has a beautiful tone.”
Richard Kay, Former Assoc. Solo Cello, The Metropolitan Opera

“This is an inspiring cello and I love playing on it! It is so responsive and the notes speak so clearly across the whole range that it actually improved my playing. It projects well, and you can draw a really gorgeous sound. I use it for everything – chamber music, live rock clubs, studio recording, playing outdoors…people always compliment it. I also like the fact that in two years I haven’t had to deal with a single open seam, and I can check it on a plane without worrying like I do with a wood cello.” George Durham – American freelance cellist living in Seoul, South Korea. He performs throughout Korea with the folk rock band Monobarn, and the harp and cello Arpege Duo

“The Luis and Clark cello is a very dependable cello – unaffected by climactic conditions and extremely dependable for a concert musician who must tour a lot. Ideal for mature graduate students and professional players. A very comfortable cello to play and listen to with fine tonal qualities. I am very proud to endorse this cello.”
William Stokking, Principal Cello, The Philadelphia Orchestra

“My Luis and Clark carbon fiber cello, with its truly stunning sound and elegant appearance, presents an invitation for any cellist to take a leap into the future of music-making. I use it for country, classical and jazz—I love it!”
Carol Procter, Cellist

“The carbon-fiber cello of Luis and Clark sounds fabulous and real.”
Yefim Bronfman

“The Luis and Clark Cello offers fascinating possibilities for instrumental and musical exploration.”
Yo-Yo Ma, Cellist and Luis and Clark Cello owner

“My Luis and Clark is the best viola I’ve ever played, and I can’t put it down. Clear and clean and strong, it allows me much more room for expression than my wooden violas. It has been really liberating, not a Viola, but something beyond.”
Andrew Bacon

“The Luis and Clark viola is remarkably even and powerful.”
Edwin Barker, Principal Bass, Boston Symphony Orchestra

“After having played the Luis and Clark cello, I must say its quality and balance of tone along with its power of projection make it a remarkable achievement. The instrument is certainly good value for the money.”
Andrew Pearce, Cellist, Boston Symphony Orchestra

“Mr. Leguia is a gentleman of great artistic integrity. His dedication to the craft of making fine music is widely recognized. He now has taken this artistic concept to developing a new instrument. I have listened with great interest to the sound he produces on this instrument. It has a rich, warm, bold and daring quality. I dare say, it will blend well with some of the great ‘Masters’ instruments. I wish him much success.”
Vic Firth, Principal Tympanist, Boston Symphony Orchestra

“During 24 years with the B.S.O., I have heard many beautiful sounding celli and I am happy to report that the Luis and Clark carbon fiber cello ranks very highly in terms of evenness on all strings, projection and a remarkable quality of tone reminiscent of the fiery warmth of the work of an old master craftsman.”
Ronan Lefkowitz, Violinist, Boston Symphony Orchestra

“Luis Leguia’s cello is beautiful to behold, and a joy to hear. A synthetic instrument, it sounds full-bodied and rich and has a powerful presence. A welcome addition to the marketplace, this cello should be considered by students and professionals, who seeks a low price option for a durable, yet quality instrument.”
Frank Epstein, Percussionist, Boston Symphony Orchestra

“The Luis and Clark cello is a futuristic high tech instrument. It is sturdy, attractive to look at, requires practically no maintenence, plays like a traditional cello, and pumps out as much sound as you could ever need. I am impressed by this cello. It is clear that a lot of hard work and care went into the design of this fine instrument.”
Ronal Feldman, Cellist, Boston Symphony Orchestra


“On hearing Mr. Leguia’s cello, I was caught by the unique combination of a rich depth of sound and powerful projection. These qualities did not seem to get in the way when a more soft textured dolce was demonstrated. What marvelous ingredients for any instrument to have.”
Norman Bolter, Trombonist, Boston Symphony Orchestra

“A remarkable achievement!”
Sato Knudsen, Cellist, Boston Symphony Orchestra

“I heard three Luis and Clark carbon fiber cellos in the tuning room, back stage, and on s