The bass sounds just magical in the middle register and totally sings when soloing. Plus it’s a ton of fun to play – the sloped shoulders are really comfortable and make accessing the upper register very easy.

I’ve been giving the instrument a good shakedown over the last month or so and have been very pleased with the results from an individual perspective. The instrument has a big sound to it – very clear throughout – and is especially sweet in the middle-to-upper register where it really shines. The sound is very focused but not artificial. It plays like a dream.

From a physical standpoint, the bass is very easy to play. The shoulders are narrower than what most bassists are used to, but in doing so, you’re fighting less with the instrument to get around. The fingerboard is exquisite.

One thing that I’m fully enamored with about the bass is the way that it handles extreme temperature changes. This bass is the best instrument we could’ve possibly purchased for what it is that we do. We’re part-way through a Christmas concert tour in Southern Ontario. Like you guys, we got blasted with winter a few days ago, and baby, it’s cold outside. Add that to the fact that we can’t bring our gear indoors (or park the 5-ton truck underground), so the bass spends its nights in its coffin outside in the freezing cold.

Behold though, once the case is removed and the instrument sits on the stand for about five or 10 minutes, it’s room temperature and good-to-go. I love it! There’s no way in hell you’d be able (or willing) to do that with a good quality wood bass.”

Brayden, Professional bass player and owner

The new Luis and Clark double bass is light, strong, looks and sounds spectacular with reverb and power. 41.5 inch string length. Free shipping within the continental United States.

Black Carbon Fiber Bass
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