Trick shot meets violin

Don't try this at home!

Introducing the Violamatic!

Firing Squad

"Luis and Clark Carbon Fiber Violin: $5000, tux: $500, blindfold: $5, music director with a sense of humor, PRICELESS!"

Even dragged through snow, your cello can stay in tune.

A short anecdote about the Luis and Clark cello....

Would your cello look like this if it spent two weeks under water?

That is what happened to the cello of Kaaren Makas, (37 years principal cello, New Orleans Philharmonic, Emeritus principal, Louisianna Philharmonic) when Hurricane Katrina came through New Orleans. Sadly the cello was one of the few things that survived the flood waters in Kaaren’s house. It needed new strings and bridge and soundpost, but is [...]